Find top talent, build agile teams

Help your employees to maintain a reasonable work–life balance by bringing in extra people to meet intense or fixed-term demands. Fill in-house skill gaps without the typical expenses and delays incurred when making new permanent hires.

Richard & James

Who we are

CloudSource is part of the Codification group of companies, founded by UK IT industry veteran Richard Smith, who serves as CEO, and technology transformation expert James Parratt, who joined as partner and COO in 2019.

The challenges you face

Individual contractors don't always fit in 

The need for a flexible workforce is clear to our customers, but there can be tension between individual contractors and the in-house team. A batch of independent contractors will generally not bond with each other, nor with your company, in quite the same way your full-time staff would. This is because contractors see themselves as individuals who don't want to be tied down. We know this, because this was our experience before we started CloudSource.

Outsourcing results in a loss of control 

Outsourcing will tend to give you a lower labour cost option, but the catch is that you will not be in full control of people and processes, and your organisational culture will not evolve as a result. When you can't directly interact with people and processes, you'll often end up sacrificing whatever resources you originally expected to save.

Overworking your staff leads to friction 

Employees generally seek a balance between work and personal life. Stretching them too thinly can result in employee dissatisfaction, or worse an employee rout if it becomes a cultural problem in your organisation.

Build your ideal team

We understand that in a fast-growing organisation it's not always easy to keep technologies and processes aligned with the growth. We know this because we are a fast-growing startup ourselves building services from scratch. We support organisations like yours every day with our consultation. 

With CloudSource you can focus on growing your business while we take care of building your teams.

Outcomes we provide

  • Talent acquisition of entire teams

  • Augmenting existing teams 

  • Training and upskilling of new hires and existing teams

  • Headhunting of specialist talent

Work with us 

We help organisations around the world, from multinational software giants to global enterprises, reduce churn, improve internal culture and build sustainable teams.  

If you are ready to work with our team of talent experts, book a call today!  

Our services

We can fit around your in-house capabilities and integrate with your HR teams, or we can offer end to end solutions for your organisation or department and own your talent acquisition efforts entirely. Our services break down into the three broad categories shown below:
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training and Enablement
  • Managed Services
Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing

We shortlist, headhunt, and screen qualified candidates that meet your requirements.
Recruitment process outsourcing

Process outsourcing

We can run a 360 service allowing you to fully  outsource your talent operations to us.


skill gap analysis

Skill gap analysis

Our consultants can review the existing capabilities in your teams and the candidate pipeline.

Market insights

Market insights

We analyse your chosen labour market and report what your talent competitors pay.


We conduct technical and/or soft-skills screening interviews on your behalf.
Candidate Comparison

Candidate comparison

We help you select from a pool of candidates using assessments and a data driven approach.


Skills-based training

If your organisation has bespoke tools or is adopting a broad range of industry-standard platforms, new joiners may need training in using your tech stack and environments. We train your talent in the use of your chosen technologies so they can hit the ground running.


Project onboarding

As FindMyTeam is part of the Codification group of companies, we understand the range of agile methodologies in modern enterprises. We can accelerate project onboarding for your Kanban, Scrum or waterfall-based projects.


6-month evaluation

We'll conduct a review and provide feedback to candidates and hiring managers at six months and reinforce job targets for the second half of the first year.

Background verification

Background verification

We'll check for a criminal record, anomalies in employment history checks, and other forms of verification as required.


Offer templates

We create offer templates and contracts in line with your brand guidelines and relevant legal requirements and local regulations for your chosen region.



Package negotiation

We'll get you the best deal at the right price, and ensue a win-win outcome in the minds of your chosen candidate.

Discover how we can help you

Our talent partners are ready to meet with you and understand the challenges you currently face and provide you a quote.